Die alte Druckerei

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"New wine bar in Hamburg's Kontorhausviertel...

For the Hanseatic, a big dream came true in 2019 when the opportunity arose to take over the premises of her parents’ print shop…”


"Stylish wine bar in the Kontor-hausviertel...

Enjoying a glass or two of wine with friends in glorious weather. The Hanseatic people are finally drawn to the streets again and thanks to the old print shop…”


"Hamburg's heart beats for wine...

When we hear Kontorhausviertel, we go into raptures. On the one hand, of course, because of the old brick buildings. On the other hand, the wine bar …”


"Light pink, golden yellow, ruby red. Italian, French...

The center of the old printing house are special wines with history and unique cellar techniques, stored in a former bank vault…”


"To vino I never say no...

So is Valerie, a 27-year-old Hamburg native who has opened a modern and mega-beautiful wine bar in the Kontorhaus district…”